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Delores Stevens
Delores Stevens 47 daqiqa oldin
Delores Stevens
Delores Stevens 51 daqiqa oldin
I do soiooooo love u such talent ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💔💔💔💔❤❤❤❤❤❤🧚‍♂️🧚‍♂️🧚🏼‍♂️🧚🏼‍♂️😘😘🌬🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼
Nora Samudia
Nora Samudia 2 soat oldin
Chrissy Love....here's wishing ur man also a HAPPY BIRTHDAY😊 may the Lord bring him back home and 2 u safe....thk him 4 protecting our great country...😪
Steve Hogue
Steve Hogue 3 soat oldin
Get down, but PLEASE, leave your mask behind. Jeeze, WHO wears a mask but some brainwashed COMMIE singing blues/country?
De'Pemblin Tours and Travels
Wow. Didn't really know, music can actually change one's perspective, give you strength to move on and start over. Hoping my late friend is also listening to this song with the Angel's 😇😇😇 Hoping I get to see this man performing live someday. Didn't know he existed till today. Loved your song. Shall also check out other songs as well. Nobody wins afraid of losing, And the hard roads are the ones worth choosing, Some days we'll look back and smile, And hope it was worth every mile. How could you make this line up? I mean, amazing, this level of ingenuity. Kudos brother. Keep it coming.
Samsster 5 soat oldin
So amazing. Everything about it.
CarbonGhost cevi
CarbonGhost cevi 6 soat oldin
The girl I love listen to this, doesn’t remember me with this song, she thinks of some one else, but love is love
Adventure Devil
Adventure Devil 6 soat oldin
I love this song
german banegas
german banegas 7 soat oldin
The guy in the crowd yelling “WHOOOOOOOOOOOO”
Joss MirArMag
Joss MirArMag 7 soat oldin
Joss MirArMag
Joss MirArMag 7 soat oldin
Muito bom... amei
chris shirley
chris shirley 8 soat oldin
Lost my wife of 10 years on 7-25-2021... Don't known how im gonna carry on.....
The JayJay D U O
The JayJay D U O 9 soat oldin
I love this Country song. My Dad put this music in his car. And I didn’t like Country, and Country songs. Now it was in my head and I like it.
Richard Franklin
Richard Franklin 9 soat oldin
It's not easy.
Mico Kerson
Mico Kerson 10 soat oldin
July 2021 enjoying and listening to Tennessee whiskey
Alyssa Harrison
Alyssa Harrison 11 soat oldin
I do not listen to country music but t this makes me feel like only Country men are capable of actually appreciating AND loving a woman. These are not lyrics that you would write down and sing about just for shits and giggles.
Donell Jenkins
Donell Jenkins 11 soat oldin
Call her miss sweetbread my guy
Donell Jenkins
Donell Jenkins 11 soat oldin
U ate her liver with some farver beans n a nice cianti aye there Dr lechtor?
Ernesto Mendoza
Ernesto Mendoza 12 soat oldin
This is the most ugly version of this song ever
Eric matthewGarcia
Eric matthewGarcia 12 soat oldin
Keep up the great work for real much love and respect from your boy Buddha out of Waco Texas WMH Eric Matthew Garcia
reaper gaming
reaper gaming 12 soat oldin
Me my uncles and my mom sang this song while hunting a couple of years ago he had passed now and when I feel like I need to cry I listen to this song. Love you uncle Jeffery
terry purchase
terry purchase 13 soat oldin
I loved it ❤
Angela Christine Owens
Love you
Tracey Morgan
Tracey Morgan 16 soat oldin
Class Tune !!💜💜
Angie L
Angie L 16 soat oldin
The verses remind me of Etta James's "I'd Rather Go Blind."
Tally Pruett
Tally Pruett 16 soat oldin
Current mood 🥂🔥
Michael Farrell
Michael Farrell 17 soat oldin
David Allen Coe doibg the original is just as good!!
Margaret Lawson
Margaret Lawson 17 soat oldin
Love to listen to j I would like h and Carlos to play a guitar special
Chad Lee
Chad Lee 17 soat oldin
That tone sounds like a shotgun going off! Buzz saw.
Chris Stapleton
Chris Stapleton Soat oldin
Hello.. how are you doing nice to meet you here thanks so much for the love and support I created this account to talk with my honest fans out there.. Are you one of my great fans out there..
George morariu
George morariu 17 soat oldin
This is a Bob Dylan ripoff.... I shall be released with different lyrics uzblock.info/post/video/uMmGoKZrpG-hgmk.html
Ofelia Talamas
Ofelia Talamas 17 soat oldin
The best ..thank you for this deep and beautiful song...gonna have a whiskey now😅🙏
Brn ScCa
Brn ScCa 18 soat oldin
Bout time I found you again Dammit :-)
Daniel Jewett
Daniel Jewett 18 soat oldin
Some songs age like fine wine👌 I love this song.
country boy
country boy 18 soat oldin
This is not country it's sole you feel it's from the sole
Chris Stapleton
Chris Stapleton Soat oldin
Hello.. how are you doing nice to meet you here thanks so much for the love and support I created this account to talk with my honest fans out there.. Are you one of my great fans out there..
Toth Enikö
Toth Enikö 18 soat oldin
Deaŕ Çhŕis!? .
jborb67 18 soat oldin
For my Leo. Greatest dog ever.
Barbara couffer
Barbara couffer 19 soat oldin
A little buckle polishing music.....
Steve Goodman
Steve Goodman 19 soat oldin
I'll wait forever girl
Danquasha Sawyers
Danquasha Sawyers 20 soat oldin
Still listening to this song
Rocio Roman Ramirez
Rocio Roman Ramirez 20 soat oldin
Qbxy 21 soat oldin
brandon lopez
brandon lopez 21 soat oldin
na I haven't got blessed by God I had to bust ass all week the strugle is real then gotta handle the pusment
J H 21 soat oldin
Keegan-Michael Key brought me here.. and I wasn't disappointed ❤ Makes me want to slow dance with someone special. Thanks Chris Stapleton
John Samataro
John Samataro 22 soat oldin
I just saw Chris at the Bank of NH Pavilion last night! He is amazing! Not sure if he knows it or not but he is!!! I loved the way he introduced his band to the audience. Awesome voice, great guitar player…. My favorite all time band is The Eagles and anyone that knows me knows this! Chris is right up there with The Eagles!
Pussy lover Anne
Pussy lover Anne 22 soat oldin
Michelle Baxter
Michelle Baxter 22 soat oldin
Yes, this song is awesome!!
January Turner
January Turner 22 soat oldin
So true how your life can change in an instant.Hug your babies while you can ❤️🍓❤️🍓❤️🍓❤️🍓❤️
John Selleck
John Selleck 22 soat oldin
Remember we don't shoot our wounded
Kevin Oliveira
Kevin Oliveira 22 soat oldin
Viciei nessa música na primeira vez em que a ouvi.
Lauren Trout
Lauren Trout 23 soat oldin
13 more days until I see him in concert!! I cannot wait!!
Armanthia Rosales
Armanthia Rosales 23 soat oldin
Love this guy !!! This song mu goodness i love it
Chris Stapleton
Chris Stapleton Soat oldin
Hello.. how are you doing nice to meet you here thanks so much for the love and support I created this account to talk with my honest fans out there.. Are you one of my great fans out there..
Joseph Sapien
Joseph Sapien 23 soat oldin
I must say that this song is really a touching song to my heart. There was a time that I was really broken and hurt and the lord stepped in and saved me from be to far gone
Reggie Richardson
Reggie Richardson 23 soat oldin
Beautiful Song 🎵❤😍💕♥💖🎵❤😍💕
Bobby Wireman
Bobby Wireman Kun oldin
This is a very nice song
Callum Kirby Madden
This song just hits so many people in diffren ways i love it ❤👌👏
jlpscala1 Kun oldin
This video brings me to tears every single time
leon huggins
leon huggins Kun oldin
This song could be released any day any decade and would instantly go to number 1
Andrew Webster
Andrew Webster Kun oldin
I’ll be there Friday at DTE!! Looking forward to this man in concert!👍👊
Joel Adams
Joel Adams Kun oldin
Oh my god.....
Diane Thibeault
Diane Thibeault Kun oldin
Despina Fitzpatrick
My Family just saw him last night in New Hampshire he was Outstanding!!!!!!!
Ralte Kun oldin
In Chris, i found a true country music
Brock Blasing
Brock Blasing Kun oldin
even better live uzblock.info/post/video/r6OCqaWHlo2piaw.html
David Wayne
David Wayne Kun oldin
Okay 👌 God
Anthony Chandler
Bob is great
Bob is great Kun oldin
Thomas Goldman
Thomas Goldman Kun oldin
This song still mixes well with 2am Texas humidity in July....always will.
Erik Wheeless
Erik Wheeless Kun oldin
This man's voice is old country and blues mixed perfect
Eric Herrington
Eric Herrington Kun oldin
Them 3 musicians were so insync! Loved the way he had his band vibing with him!
Chris Stapleton
Chris Stapleton Soat oldin
Hello.. how are you doing nice to meet you here thanks so much for the love and support I created this account to talk with my honest fans out there.. Are you one of my great fans out there..
Shirley Barker
Shirley Barker Kun oldin
This song vibrates in my soul 💕
Andre Platt
Andre Platt Kun oldin
How can stop listening to it
Carol Soosay
Carol Soosay Kun oldin
First time I heard this song…very smooth I love it 🥰 🎶💯
Caroline Wilson
Caroline Wilson Kun oldin
I wish my husband of 20 years were here to listen to this song one more time with me. My everything husband passed in June 22nd, 2021. I now listen and cry. Still listening July 30th, 2021....
-ChaoSHunteR -
-ChaoSHunteR - 14 soat oldin
Sorry for your loss.
White Rex
White Rex Kun oldin
My heart goes out to you stay strong 🙏
Brenda Molinar
Brenda Molinar Kun oldin
One of my favorites it's a relaxing song 👍
Anthony Foreman
Anthony Foreman Kun oldin
I'm on it im on it...
Jxse Kun oldin
1:16 repeat button
Inspiration Vernon
❤😍I love this song!❤😍
Anvlog Neto
Anvlog Neto Kun oldin
Primeiro brasileiro aqui merece like?