Chris Stapleton - Drunkard's Prayer (Official Audio) 

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Listen to the official audio for "Drunkard's Prayer" by Chris Stapleton

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Music video by Chris Stapleton performing Drunkard's Prayer. (C) 2017 UMG Recordings, Inc.




30-Noy, 2017



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Jerred Byrd
Jerred Byrd Oy oldin
Never be ashamed to go to church.
Birthday Boy
Birthday Boy Oy oldin
I came here to talk to God.
DjScruffNasty Oy oldin
"And I hope he'll forgive the things you ain't forgot." hits me everytime....
Walter Martin
Walter Martin Oy oldin
Good music brought me here hahah
peter kozma
peter kozma Oy oldin
Lost my best friend about a year ago, and he drank less then me.
Porsche Pritchett
I get drunk and talk to God and get no reply. So either he will answer one day leave the 99 to come for the one or he wont
Joseph Thrasher
Joseph Thrasher 2 oy oldin
Still here ✊🏼
Technical Gaming
Technical Gaming 2 oy oldin
Good music everyone in the world love it m from india
Jeff Womack
Jeff Womack 3 oy oldin
What a boring fucking song. Holy shit, write a riff.
Sam Carroll
Sam Carroll 3 oy oldin
God damnitt Chris..😔
Rick Juarez
Rick Juarez 3 oy oldin
What a fuckin poet, I've talked to God drunk a few times myself
Alejandro ALF
Alejandro ALF 4 oy oldin
John Pilgrim beating the holy hell out of some goons brought me here.
Anita Ross
Anita Ross 4 oy oldin
You never cease to amaze
Anita Ross
Anita Ross 4 oy oldin
Nikita F
Nikita F 4 oy oldin
Found out about this song on the Punisher Season 2. " Blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain mercy "
Arpit Sharma
Arpit Sharma 4 oy oldin
When you have a bad day but you realise life is too short
WOKEN JOE 4 oy oldin
Ronald Blevins
Ronald Blevins 5 oy oldin
Now words
yolo yolo
yolo yolo 6 oy oldin
When your parents kick your ass for coming home late
Anton Chigurh
Anton Chigurh 6 oy oldin
This guy reminds me of Travis Tritt.
David Tobing
David Tobing 6 oy oldin
"blessed are the merciful...
Chris Wood
Chris Wood 6 oy oldin
I get drunk and talk to myself.
code470926 6 oy oldin
I wonder what drunk god hates the most
Anton Chigurh
Anton Chigurh 6 oy oldin
4AM wakeups on Monday.
code470926 6 oy oldin
Damn...this is deep..
LynnK 6 oy oldin
ATTENTION: CHRIS STAPLETON, I challenge you to come up with a haunting version of Don Gibson's "Sea of Heartbreak"...you would absolutely kill it. Make my dream come true. Love ya.
tisani flores
tisani flores 6 oy oldin
In tears 😭 this song hit home
Smiles Are Free
Smiles Are Free 7 oy oldin
What does he say? A Butt hole brings to get me on my knees? And when he says his knees, hes saying hes giving a BJ to get that hole? Or.... what I'm lost.
manuel rios
manuel rios 7 oy oldin
I'll be the first to say, this song hits me hard because it's me and how I feel at times, and it's hard to explain myself to people, but this song says it all.
Richard Angelo
Richard Angelo 7 oy oldin
I like country music now
dprice198 8 oy oldin
I enjoyed both this song and the action packed scene from punisher.
eduardo navarro
eduardo navarro 8 oy oldin
*John pilgrim brought me here*
luke gonano
luke gonano 8 oy oldin
Anyone else notice the guitar sounds pretty similar to blue eyes crying in the rain?
Anton Chigurh
Anton Chigurh 7 oy oldin
I never heard it till you made me think of that song.
Relentless Enigma
Feel this in my soul
Saffer POV
Saffer POV 8 oy oldin
Pure Country Blues
ARIA 21 9 oy oldin
Straight from Yellowstone
Chris Chastain
Chris Chastain 9 oy oldin
Chris Stapleton being a vocal juggernaut brought me here
Tony loves ducks
Tony loves ducks 9 oy oldin
My local Priest brought me here
Anton Chigurh
Anton Chigurh 5 oy oldin
The gabagool brought you here.
TheKinfolk2011 9 oy oldin
Currently what I'm doing... I get drunk and talk to God
Todd S
Todd S 9 oy oldin
Praise you Jesus!!!!!
Alvin Trevino
Alvin Trevino 9 oy oldin
The words I could never speak brought me here. Thank you GOD
Tim Morrow
Tim Morrow 9 oy oldin
Welcome 2020. Just want to say a huge fuck you from Tennessee!!! Thanks for turning my life upside-down.
billboybryant 9 oy oldin
God threw away the mold when he made Chris.
Saffer POV
Saffer POV 9 oy oldin
Just WOW!
HDMI1 1044
HDMI1 1044 10 oy oldin
The lord sent help to this sinner Pray more
Brian 10 oy oldin
Wouldn't reccomend doing what hes singing about...
Micah Byrd
Micah Byrd 10 oy oldin
I’m a 45 year old dude that accidentally stumbled across this song and I swear this man is singing my life story here.
DjScruffNasty Oy oldin
Tyler Thornton
Tyler Thornton 10 oy oldin
Mavis Coupal
Mavis Coupal 11 oy oldin
Still listening to this song, it was playing when I lost my grandson, he was only 23 yrs old.
Ant0ni03 11 oy oldin
I'm glad I bumped into this song.....
The Punisher - I see a lot of myself in Pilgrim. The formidable lone wolf who finds solace in peace, prayer and a bottle. Lost somewhere in between the man I used to be and the man I want to be - and the only person who understands me, is the one with all the power to forgive me or forsake me.
Sherman Aldridge
This song touched my soul. The melody and the words, were like a majestically woven something something something something...... I cant even find the words to the describe what it is I'm trying to say. Watching the punisher, while this was playing in the background was a cinematic experience like none other.🎯💯🎱
Colin Donnelly
Colin Donnelly Yil oldin
This guy's been reading my mail!!
KrazyX777 Yil oldin
Everyone has done the face in toilet prayer. "I'm sorry, God." *vomit*
Mia landsem
Mia landsem Yil oldin
I've been 15 days sober from now
dozer dog
dozer dog Yil oldin
The only way to listen to this song is up loud!!!
Ganyu .Q
Ganyu .Q Yil oldin
My top 5 best songs ever now includes this...
death card
death card Yil oldin
الي جاي من مسلسل معاقب لايك
Bene Record
Bene Record Yil oldin
Chingona esa rolita me pongo bien pendejo cada ke la oigo no entiendo lo ke dice pero me acuerdo mucho de Pilgrim de la serie the pinisher y salud .
Don't worry about it
Another heartfelt song from this amazing artist. Thank you for reminding us what country music is. I love your songs, so full of raw emotion. You are a true artist.
Ruth Jeffery
Ruth Jeffery Yil oldin
My stupid life and love of Stapleton bought my dumb ass here. It's gotta get better.
Danielle None-Ya
I agree accept the "through with god" part
BornToBeFamed Yil oldin
Sounds like something Keith Whitley would have sung.
Patrick Wayne Jr.
This reminds me of today I started loving you by Merle haggard. Love the newer old school style country
Nodus Tollens
Nodus Tollens Yil oldin
What a beautiful soulful voice.
No wankers allowed
This reminded me of my dad when he'd get drunk and talk about God. So pent up with frustration and guilt he had been carrying. Asking us to put on his old Jimmy Swaggart tapes or music because he just needed to be ministered to as he drifted off to sleep. So when I asked them to private message or talk elsewhere when I had a thread open and the feelings of justification that were shown that was very disrespectful because those struggling with alcohol have real genuine issues they are trying to overcome. If they started to drink again I didn't chastise because I know from experience it doesn't help. Where as just being willing to still spend some time with them as they are can be enough for them to make that decision for themselves. People need to be responsible for their own issues and find the inner strength to say when they need some support whether it's just a chat, whether it's asking for prayer, whether it's wanting some accountability. However even with accountability I know for myself that can start to become the divider because shame can set in and begin to seperate again..the feeling of being a constant failure, or making that decision then regretting it later. I've done that myself. As the daughter of an alcoholic I know that setting boundaries can be hard because of the constant need to shift with that parents own behaviours. So their traits can begin to become your traits even if you don't drink. The needing to be on constant high alert just to survive the home life.. with alcoholism often comes mood swings, sudden dramatic changes in personality, one minute your best friend and the next minute like a lion on attack .. it's not just about the amount of alcohol drunk.. there's so much more to it. Not just emotional and mental abuse but it can turn physical very quickly. If they are aggressive .. the lying about where they have been.. the demanding of money to fuel their habit.. the stealing even from family members and again lying about it. Pawning the family possessions.. the pissing the bed, the being so drunk they can't stand up and having to be a parent role as a child.. the having to mediate to protect other family members... The emotional confusion between loving them and hating them.. the anger at their irresponsibility and lack of care for their own family.. the public embarrassment when drink and yelling out abuse because you don't do what they want... That's not text book. That was my reality. I hate him I hate him I hate him.. in bed as a child listening to him scream and holler and crash into things drunk... Then feeling guilty because he's my dad. I don't want to hate him.. my head so full of pressure I thought it would explode at times.. tension headaches, my teeth worn out from clenching .. my arms with pain in them from clenching my fists so tight.. my tears so many cried in anger.. then sorrow. So yes the text book learned piss me off because they don't understand emotionally the impact of what a person goes through. The telling me I just need a nice guy or I need to be protected is so fucking insulting.. I don't need this in my life as a child I had no choice.. yet those men who have overcome or been through similar and still have that rough or gruff edge is who I am comfortable with because they understand.. they don't patronise .. they understand the desires at times to want to punch or kick the fuck out of everything and yet not do it .. but understand the raw emotion .. understand the need for space to go and walk something off or just need time out.. knowing trying to control a person who's feeling that isn't wise. When you've been silenced your whole life or told your feelings or thoughts don't count whether verbally or through action.. what outlet is there? It boils and brews deeply within the soul mind and body until enough is enough.. so yeah I do believe that safe places to just rage are important.. or to redirect that into something positive whether music, art or sports or whatever their interest is. But that raising can take a person through some pretty dark emotions.
Eclisom Gross
Eclisom Gross Yil oldin
This song hits me so hard in the feelings. I am pretty much like the man in the song, I am too ashamed of myself to go to church. I'm much of a non believer, so it does take a bottle of whiskey for me to muster courage enough to talk to God. I think if he would talk to me, he would probably say "Son, you're on your own"
Martin Vazquez
Martin Vazquez Yil oldin
I was a guy from Htx but when I listen to Chris Stapleton l..... I'm from.....alchohol 🤷🏽‍♂️
Luis Gamboa
Luis Gamboa Yil oldin
I am Mexican I like country music, I love her !!
deric5488 Yil oldin
My wife died 9 months ago...this song IS my life now.
deric5488 Yil oldin
Emileigh Buffington I start grief counseling this Friday. And most of the drinking I have stopped. But thank you very much for your comment.
La Guerrera
La Guerrera Yil oldin
deric5488 🥺 be careful- my brother is drinking himself to death over a woman.
lisa green
lisa green Yil oldin
I love you chris
FilmInspiration Yil oldin
Blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain mercy
Arnold Guijarro,freemasonmafia
Go watch my video arnold guijarro
drinkheroids Yil oldin
The Punisher OST = masterpiece
Robert Jones
Robert Jones Yil oldin
gaskan666 smith
gaskan666 smith Yil oldin
I dont swim in that shit anymore, just for today.
Remag37 DeadLee37
Next gen country
Logan Hollis
Logan Hollis Yil oldin
I ve been listening to him for bout 3 years
Tony loves ducks
So this is Country Music of America? Its so good! Greetings from a turkish guy from germany who can talk to God when hes on H
john jacobs
john jacobs Yil oldin
Hits home thanks Chris great song!!!
Dustin Nelson
Dustin Nelson Yil oldin
I would love love love to see Lost in Vegas cover this song! Please thumbs up if you agree!
Niranjan Jacob
Niranjan Jacob Yil oldin
Music brought me here.
Noel Navarro
Noel Navarro Yil oldin
bad ass fn song very hard to listen too n not relate. god bless chris
Aaron Covert
Aaron Covert Yil oldin
This song always makes me cry. Gotta listen alone. This hits home.
markitopz ponzio
Still don't know what to do, Get trunk every weekend obvouisly. But what else? God doesn't want me, no one does.
Hourglass Yil oldin
This song brings me to my knees. Such real/ raw Emotion
Tom Nolan
Tom Nolan Yil oldin
I never realized a lot of this song is completely allegorical.. "I'll say I can't be alone, he'll say son you're on your own" He is saying that he is praying to God and obviously he is hearing nothing back..So the message he is recieving from this is that whatever he needs fixed will not come from God, but from himself. There are other Allegory's but uh..yeah.
TheLongjohntim Yil oldin
The first time I heard this song I wept thought of my mom, dad and brother. Grateful for their love! Learned what I didn't want to be and understand what I wanted! Miss you Mom, Dad and my brother Joe. R.I.P. This is Country music at it's best!
Lans Lay
Lans Lay Yil oldin
Absolutely awesome and very well done!!!❤️❤️✝️✝️👏👏👏👍👍👍🌹🌹🌹🌹🇱🇷🇱🇷💕💓💗
Nicole Daniels
Nicole Daniels Yil oldin
This reminds me a little of a Willie Nelson song.
Jacob Limon
Jacob Limon Yil oldin
Had no idea John Michael Montgomery was the OG singer of this song
Mike Beasley
Mike Beasley Yil oldin
SIDO OG Yil oldin
John piligrim brought me here !!
BrendaN Forester
Same here.
dozer dog
dozer dog Yil oldin
It's like my liver wrote a song
DisneyRush 33
DisneyRush 33 Yil oldin
This is what country music sounds like!!
Michael Manoni
Michael Manoni Yil oldin
it makes me sad
Michael Manoni
Michael Manoni 12 kun oldin
not sad anymore
Mathew Maul
Mathew Maul 2 yil oldin
I'm gonna kill myself to this song. Goodbye world
Frances Armstrong
Frances Armstrong 2 yil oldin
My signature song. Love this guy right here and his music. Right up there with my hero Merle Haggard ♥
mh coastie
mh coastie 2 yil oldin
And Jesus came and fellowshiped with the drunkards Matthew 11:19 "The Son of Man came eating and drinking, and they say, 'Behold, a gluttonous man and a drunkard, a friend of tax collectors and sinners!' Yet wisdom is vindicated by her deeds."
Brian Finno._.
Brian Finno._. 2 yil oldin
Love this song😍
Kennedy Cooper
Kennedy Cooper 2 yil oldin
How he know I promise 2 change everyday? Smh
Mark J
Mark J 2 yil oldin
Again, one amazing writer right there. My god.
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