Chris Stapleton - Hard Livin’ (Live From SNL Studios/2018) 

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28-Yan, 2018



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Grizzilyultra 24 kun oldin
Hard to believe this version is over 3 yrs old. It just keeps getting better!! Sturgill spices this one up to the point of holy shit! What a great tune, we are all better for this being recorded AND having happened at all. Everyone have a great holiday weekend.
SNL is trash . Chris Stapleton fucks thoe
Joe Johnson
Joe Johnson 2 oy oldin
UZblock is bitch
James Poppitz
James Poppitz 2 oy oldin
I've spent 45 years trying to think Nashville country music is so tired and predictable and acts like Stapleton and Eric Church keep proving me wrong..Good is good...period...somebody was bound to come along and make that Garth Brooks money..
V. R.R.
V. R.R. 2 oy oldin
We need more cowbell!
daisy van N
daisy van N 2 oy oldin
Talita Talita
Talita Talita 3 oy oldin
Jeremiah Cumberland
Sturgill who?? Wow now that is how you fuck a song up stop singing sturgill
Jarren Roth
Jarren Roth 5 oy oldin
You just can't beat Sturgill!!
Simon Mosca
Simon Mosca 5 oy oldin
Stephen Babin
Stephen Babin 5 oy oldin
Great combination nation
Marcella Handshoe
Sturgill Simpson is all that and more.... I just love ❤️ his deep voice!
Neal Borganelli
Neal Borganelli 6 oy oldin
This is fucking Epic!!!!
Catherine S. Todd
Chris Stapleton & Sturgill Simpson... unbeatable! Why not list Sturgill's name along with Chris in the video title???
Catherine S. Todd
These two are unbeatable! I think we've got our new guitar singer songwriter heroes right in front of our eyes!
Chris Stapleton
Chris Stapleton 28 kun oldin
Thanks for your love and support towards my work. I really appreciate, mail me privately with your full name and your favorite song💖❤ to chrisstapleton907@gmail.com
Ioana Geru
Ioana Geru 8 oy oldin
Hello, Chris Stapleton!!!
Teresa Vaughn
Teresa Vaughn 8 oy oldin
Chris Stapleton is one of the finest singers in country music.
Jason Goodman
Jason Goodman 9 oy oldin
Man I wish they would make an album together
miguel delacruz
miguel delacruz 10 oy oldin
This song makes me want to drive around town during sunset with my windows down.
Shannon Smith
Shannon Smith 10 oy oldin
They slaughtered that audience.Anyone that dislikes this is a fucking idiot or deaf.
CDS Omaha
CDS Omaha 11 oy oldin
Chris beautifully over-delivers his singing, sturgill beautifully under-delivers. What a pair of Kentucky boys! And yall say white people have no culture 🤣
Rob Kadera
Rob Kadera Yil oldin
Why is Sturgil so hesitant to light that shit the fuck up?
Flash Gordon
Flash Gordon Yil oldin
Man that guitar riff rocks.........
Coy Mounce
Coy Mounce Yil oldin
Two of Kentucky's finest, don't get much better !!!
I am Miconis
I am Miconis Yil oldin
There second song together that night "Midnight train to Memphis" was better than this. They should perform together more often.
A 93
A 93 Yil oldin
Mix of Travis Tritt , Zack wyld , Eagles and Will Ferrell
Tarvu Yil oldin
God I love Telecasters
Brian Lyall
Brian Lyall Yil oldin
Sturg has Vibrato!
Jane Parker
Jane Parker Yil oldin
Chris Stapleton has put country music back on top - country music had lost the meaning and feeling and God put him here to give it back to us -Thanks Lord - I Love ❤️ Elvis and I Love ❤️ Chris -
Jason Ryan Wilson (Trilladilla)
Kentucky is very proud!
Matt Cowan
Matt Cowan Yil oldin
Just burn that stage to the ground. No one else deserves to set foot on it after this. I'm sitting her at my office watching this and just got up out of my chair to fight one of my co-workers.
bricks Yil oldin
David Faison
David Faison Yil oldin
Once in a generation talent.
CanOwhuppass Yil oldin
Whoever said Outlaw music is dead never heard these boys. Outlaw music at its finest. You keep your 'gangsta' rap. These boys got this.
squeaky61 Yil oldin
Put sturgill in the title!!!
Carolina R.
Carolina R. Yil oldin
CHRIS STAPLETON ❤️ STURGILL 💚💚💚💚💚💚❤️💚💜❤️❤️💜❤️❤️❤️💜💜💜💜💚💗💚🇧🇷🇧🇷
Timothy Combs
Timothy Combs Yil oldin
That's Kountry
Luke 2.52
Luke 2.52 2 yil oldin
Best part... Sturgill's Dracula moonwalk👍😎
Neal Borganelli
Neal Borganelli 6 oy oldin
Yep! Sturgill is the epitome of cool 😎
Tyr Tyndal
Tyr Tyndal 2 yil oldin
I wanna woman that looks at me the way the drummer looks at Chris in this whole video. He seemed thoroughly impressed. As was I!
Slade Norfleet
Slade Norfleet 2 yil oldin
790,000 thiews and 5.6 thousand likes. That's a shame.
Darren Doyle
Darren Doyle 2 yil oldin
I so wanted a little fist bump at the end there
big dave
big dave 2 yil oldin
god sturgill sounds just like waylon in this
Stephen Tomlinson
Stephen Tomlinson 2 yil oldin
Like it like it a lot.
RT 2 yil oldin
You got to give Cody Jinks a listen. He comes from the same mold as these guys Here I will make it easy. uzblock.info?search_query=cody+jinks
Devin Banfield
Devin Banfield 2 yil oldin
Stugills guitar playing really added to the song. Love his music too but it would be cool to see them get together more and make a album or two dozen!
Grayson Howard
Grayson Howard 2 yil oldin
Shout out to Dave Cobb for discovering both of these guys.
manuel ramirez
manuel ramirez 2 yil oldin
Chris is the shit, so much talent.
Jason Lemley
Jason Lemley 2 yil oldin
Y’all did elvira an never been a fan of the song till I heard y’all sing it
Jason Lemley
Jason Lemley 2 yil oldin
Chris I been listening to you since you was with the jompson brothers an then with the steeldrivers . Your a legend for sure . I love every song you have ever played . I no every word to all your songs an my favorite one is fool me again . But they all number 1 . You brought country back with class brother hats off to you
Gary Gregg
Gary Gregg 2 yil oldin
The new Waylon Jennings
quadrajet king
quadrajet king 2 yil oldin
Awesome performance by these two. but SNL is liberal garbage
quadrajet king
quadrajet king 2 yil oldin
@3-7-77 What a shame!
3-7-77 2 yil oldin
If you like their music, you'd best not find out about their political leanings, because both of these guys are pretty far left...
scott broughton
scott broughton 2 yil oldin
kentucky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hell yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Peter Bollig
Peter Bollig 2 yil oldin
I thought good music was gone!! Thanks Chris, Tyler, Sturgil you guys know what's up.
Caleb Morgan
Caleb Morgan 2 yil oldin
Sweet baby jesus yes
bernard_hossmoto 2 yil oldin
Two of my heroes of "new old" country on stage together! Why does Chris always remind me of Book of Shadows era Zakk Wylde?
youneedsomefoods 2 yil oldin
Highwaymen Part 2: Chris Stapleton, Sturgill Simpson, Tyler Childers, and Jason Isbell (or Colter Wall)
Joe Johnson
Joe Johnson Oy oldin
@Ethan Wells you know exactly what I'm talking about or wouldn't come off sounding like a triggered sissy
Ethan Wells
Ethan Wells 2 oy oldin
@Joe Johnson no one knows what you’re talking about old man shut up and read a book for once
Joe Johnson
Joe Johnson 2 oy oldin
@Ethan Wells oh...so its the liberals that are socially conscious?... I don't think you've been paying attention.." colored people are too stupid to get ID's so the voting laws are unfair "-- liberal media...sounds pretty racist to me..plus we all know about bidens racist tendencies..won't have to work too hard to find proof of that.
Lawrence Fischer
Lawrence Fischer 3 oy oldin
Don't forget Arlo McKinley. If you don't know you better learn
R 4 oy oldin
@Ethan Wells Whats your issue now?
ascotia 2 yil oldin
Is that Sturgill Simpson or Kermit the Frog? I like Sturgill and all but not feeling this collab very much... Chris Stapleton doesn't need to share the stage with anyone (that means you Justin Timberlake)
Erv Dawg
Erv Dawg 2 yil oldin
STR8TFU, I love it!!! So does the rest of the band!! Check the drummer, the chick, and the bass player. Why wouldn't they? Two harassed lead players!
123XFODX567 2 yil oldin
Those fuckin telecasters man
S S 2 yil oldin
And Will Ferrell was thinking to himself the famous line....."Who the F... is Sturgill Simpson?"............I bet he knew after those SNL performances!
Agarikon 2 yil oldin
No offense to Chris... but Sturgill is on a different level
Ryan Sutherland
Ryan Sutherland 2 yil oldin
So awesome to see Sturgill be the humble sideman in this performance. A fucking class act and a true badass of a human being.
S S 2 yil oldin
Back to back grammy winners in fact!
Jeff Ehling
Jeff Ehling 2 yil oldin
Chris Stapleton bringing country back to the roots.
Luke 2.52
Luke 2.52 2 yil oldin
Sturgill 😃
Will Leonard
Will Leonard 2 yil oldin
Sturgill is one of my favorites but it sounded like it was hurting him to sing
Taylor Harris
Taylor Harris 7 oy oldin
Sturgill’s music is great, but often his live performances just miss vocally. Not sure why that, whether he’s intentional about it but you can hardly comprehend the man over a microphone at a live show.
CDS Omaha
CDS Omaha Yil oldin
Sturgill is a humble guy. I'm guessing he didnt wanna steal the spotlight. Just genuinely happy to jam
jo mtz
jo mtz 2 yil oldin
what the hell is Sturgill singing?
Stephen Coleman
Stephen Coleman 2 yil oldin
The 100 people who gave this a Thumbs Down need to be shot out of a Cannon.....into the FREAKING SUN. God Bless Texas
Jarrod Strong
Jarrod Strong 2 yil oldin
thank God for these guys saving music !
David Keith
David Keith 2 yil oldin
bloody murder it is...epic
Diggity 2 yil oldin
Saw Chris Stapleton in conert two weeks ago. He's better live than on the radio... He's the BEST current artist on country radio PERIOD!!!
Diggity 2 yil oldin
clovertwerp 2 yil oldin
Good stuff! Stapletons voice is just mind blowing.
Justin Jones
Justin Jones 3 yil oldin
That bass tone gosh
Kayla 3 yil oldin
Colter wall and Tyler Childers are also bringing back outlaw country much like Chris Stapleton 🙏
Theresa Heyer
Theresa Heyer 3 yil oldin
the BEST! Rockin hard!
Martin Østervig Larsen
Love the ending... that lick that Sturgill plays... man that guy can play - as well a write and sing amazing songs...
Doc Mojo8135
Doc Mojo8135 3 yil oldin
Man it sounds like a Waylon song, I believe these boys are gonna be the next country outlaws
Cliff H
Cliff H 3 yil oldin
THIS DUO CREATES ALCOHOL ABUSE!! I dropped my damn bourbon and coke I had just made in preperation for a little Chris S. Live. When I heard STURGILL' s distinctive voice come cutting through like a chain saw with a velvet muffler... I, Well, I just got all twitterpated and a little moist !!
Mark Davis
Mark Davis 3 yil oldin
Best music I've heard in years. I have never heard of Sturgill before this appearance. I am a fan now!
Jack Wagon
Jack Wagon 3 yil oldin
Twangy tele X 2 = badass
Chris Hembree
Chris Hembree 3 yil oldin
This collaboration has visited my dreams and now a reality it's just as amazing as I dreamed
Creative-Cowgirl 3 yil oldin
Ty Kam
Ty Kam 3 yil oldin
Would love to see these guys faces if someone asked them what they thought about Chase Rice. LOL!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Ty Kam
Ty Kam 3 yil oldin
Two dudes bringing country back to where it belongs. Enough with all the pop-country.
Christopher itsdaperr Perry
Once again. FUCK YEAH!!!!
Orphenia__ 3 yil oldin
Praying for the day these two men make an album together...
Megan Kenworthy
Megan Kenworthy 3 yil oldin
This reminds me of country music of the old days.
Kev Binning
Kev Binning 3 yil oldin
Great stuff!
Broke Dick Dawg
Broke Dick Dawg 3 yil oldin
These two are cooler than Christmas on the North Pole
Karen Hightower
Karen Hightower 3 yil oldin
Waylon and boys would be proud somebody has the balls to do and (live it)..music similar to there's...That's what made there (Waylon and friends) music real because it was there lifestyle...Not some Luke Shelton Gilbert Aldean pussies( put ons)👈
Larry Martin
Larry Martin 3 yil oldin
These two are part of a movement to destroy pretty boy pop bullshit.
jeff young
jeff young 3 yil oldin
That was fun!!
Deer Hunter DVM
Deer Hunter DVM 3 yil oldin
Saviors of Outlaw Country. Waylon and Willie would be proud boys. Keep workin'!
Laurie Lasota
Laurie Lasota 3 yil oldin
reminds me of Willie and Waylon but for our time!! Classy and Rockin!!
11:11 3 yil oldin
You like fake ass bro country or you like the real thing, these two get it, nothing fake or phoney about it, sturgill refuses to change his look, style, or sound for anybody, fucking legends already, people will watch this 40 50 years from now like I watch Waylon now.
justin81011776 3 yil oldin
Sturgill ruins it completely!
chris siler
chris siler 3 yil oldin
Sturgill & Chris are a better Waylon & Willie
Hanson 3 yil oldin
Both of them were Awesome good job !
DjDynomike 3 yil oldin
Tyler Childers and Colter Wall are the next in line to follow these 2 grates ...
Adam Murphy
Adam Murphy Yil oldin
Grates or greats
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