Chris Stapleton - Millionaire (Live From Jimmy Kimmel Live!) 

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6-Dek, 2017



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Hilda Oak
Hilda Oak 6 kun oldin
Beautiful song.
Flying Crew
Flying Crew 7 kun oldin
She writes the songs, he sings the songs with his beautiful soul voice. Pure heaven
dscgt seven's
dscgt seven's 7 kun oldin
Connor Panther7
Connor Panther7 21 kun oldin
great song
Pie Face
Pie Face 22 kun oldin
Just finding this song 😍
Chris Stapleton
Chris Stapleton 22 kun oldin
Thanks for your comment and supports, your comments and constant support has brought me this far. Keep Supporting ❤️❤️ Please send me a mail via chrisstapleton0101@gmail.com
Drums Anytime
Drums Anytime Oy oldin
So good. This song has it......that intangible quality that creates shivers....
Luan Machado
Luan Machado 3 oy oldin
Canção linda demais!
Paulo Martins Gomes Silva
Direto do Brasil curtindo essa música linda amoooo
Kenny Karlsson
Kenny Karlsson 4 oy oldin
His wife is just freakin amazing. She deserves a lot of cred .she is big part of the sound that makes all fantastic to listen to. Her harmonys are awsome.
Europe Wheeler
Europe Wheeler 4 oy oldin
I absolutely love this song
v0nstrudelhaven 4 oy oldin
You couldn’t auto tune Chris if you even tried
Kenyatta Watkins
Kenyatta Watkins 4 oy oldin
I'm not hating she she sounds nice but I think the song is better with her off, maybe it's because she comes in so late. Who knows 😏
Beanie 4 oy oldin
Oh my goodness....( I where have I been living under a rock ....). I just found out about Chris ....well I’m 68 yrs young .......This soulful man is getting me thru this COVID-19 crap .....thank you Chris
rob miller
rob miller 4 oy oldin
i love how no matter how much hes getting into the song he still looks at her admiringly as she looks back
Torque of the Devil
Money can’t buy love but you can rent it for a few hours 😉
Bill gabriel
Bill gabriel 6 oy oldin
310 Losers
Michael Dasko
Michael Dasko 6 oy oldin
Unconditional love at its finest...too awesome!!!
Bobbie Smith
Bobbie Smith 8 oy oldin
This was my husband and i's first dance, I can't listen to this song without tearing up.
Jonathan Wallace
Jonathan Wallace 9 oy oldin
Love can make you shine for countless light years. It will get you there either threw support and motivation or pain and misery you just got channel the energy.
James Wagner
James Wagner 9 oy oldin
His wife is an excellent vocalist herself, excellent harmonies!
Lavonne Thompson
Lavonne Thompson 10 oy oldin
Beautiful song! Huge fan of Chris & Morgane Stapleton!
Michelle Adams
Michelle Adams 10 oy oldin
Thank you Chris for composing music to my words I know it's difficult doing it backwards . You doing is payment enough bro
D M 11 oy oldin
Their voices are beautiful
Mary Ann Qualls
Mary Ann Qualls 11 oy oldin
One of the few that sound as great live as recorded!
Chris Stapleton
Chris Stapleton 6 oy oldin
Thanks for your sincere compliment and love towards my music, Covid19 has shaped us all, we have you to be most thankful for🙏🌹💓
Lisa Stephens
Lisa Stephens Yil oldin
True love can't be bought that was and is me will b again
Halerrandro Miranda
SOU FÃ DO Chris também sou Dow Bow
Halerrandro Miranda
SOU FÃ tambêm sou COW BOY
Halerrandro Miranda
Cow Boy
Steven Francque
Steven Francque Yil oldin
His wife is phenomenal with those harmonies, yes?
Chad Corley
Chad Corley Yil oldin
I locked eyes with Stapleton when I was pushing carts at a Walmart Neighborhood Market in Charlotte North Carolina. He was shopping after his concert. Then a week later I got to meet Big Moe Cason when he was buying 25 bottles of seasoning for some brisket he was BBQing
Chrystian Wassmuth
1:04 OMG
Rafael Borba
Rafael Borba Yil oldin
Que música!! Talento não tem barreiras geográficas e linguísticas! Um abraço de um apreciador do seu talento no Brasil
My Basements on Fire
Proof that big shiny arrangements are not always needed . Just a good song/vocalist with accentuated instrumentation
Yanderi Yanderi
Yanderi Yanderi Yil oldin
Ok Buena lurked para el corazo
Buttered Biskit
Buttered Biskit Yil oldin
I really like Solomon Burke's version of this song. Does anyone know who originally recorded this song?
Paul Davis
Paul Davis Yil oldin
Singing from deep down in his soul! Love it
Emerson Castro
Emerson Castro Yil oldin
Venha cantar no Brasil. Curitiba/PR de preferência.
Dawid Czerniak
Dawid Czerniak Yil oldin
Amazing how he’s looking at Morgane while singing it. Their so real it’s beyond belief.
JC Earnhardt3
JC Earnhardt3 Yil oldin
Baddest man to step on the stage since waylon. Nobody living in same category as this man.
Rob Ellis
Rob Ellis Yil oldin
This man is a gift.
kuiper3714 Yil oldin
his women is not going nowhere
martin s
martin s Yil oldin
Repeat ... chills ... cheers love it
Natalie Trick
Natalie Trick Yil oldin
Absolutely Love this song...Reminds me of my husband of almost 12 years of marriage through ups and downs, snares and toils...we somehow have lasted through thick and thin of life
TrezlySnipes Yil oldin
Thumbs up for whenever the Stapletons glance at each other. ❤️
kenjules kenjulzie
Never heard of him till my sisters bachelorette party, at his concert. I'm a fan!!! He is the best live musician I have ever heard, simply amazing!!!
Dion Tallie
Dion Tallie Yil oldin
Your sister could afford CS at her bathelorette party ?
Sonya Blankley
Sonya Blankley Yil oldin
Legend A1
Rob Ellis
Rob Ellis Yil oldin
All universe vocals, all universe song writer, professes his love for his wife and it’s palpable on stage, but makes it universal to all. God bless you CS and MS.
Tonio Tonio
Tonio Tonio Yil oldin
cindy sutton
cindy sutton 2 yil oldin
I LOVE when he looks at his wife with love in his eyes and smiles...at the 1:05 mark.
cindy sutton
cindy sutton 2 yil oldin
One of the best voices, EVER. Not only can he sing, but he writes music AND plays guitar, a real triple threat!
Max The Husky
Max The Husky 2 yil oldin
man, this song gives me goosebumps..
Athena griego
Athena griego 2 yil oldin
More babies on the way with these two lol
Mike B
Mike B 2 yil oldin
Those fucking harmonies are amazing.
Costas Giotakis
Costas Giotakis 2 yil oldin
The sweet girl from the South has surely made Chris a millionaire!
Tina C.
Tina C. 2 yil oldin
It's not about money.
shaun andrews
shaun andrews 2 yil oldin
Don’t care what any one says best voice in country loved country grew up On it Mam and dad listened 80s90s we got bug but Chris is best vocalist full stop his wife isn’t bad either lol
Kristian Armstead
Kristian Armstead 2 yil oldin
Chris is the ONLY singer I know that sounds just as good live as he does in the recording
Gwen Marie
Gwen Marie 5 kun oldin
Luther Vandross
Laura Molen
Laura Molen 7 oy oldin
Sara Bareilles
simplyvl 8 oy oldin
John Mayer
Mickey Merzon
Mickey Merzon 9 oy oldin
VagLazer77 wait fr?
Richmond Woodturning
Tyler Childers.
Bruin_MM10 2 yil oldin
I don't know why, but when they look at each other it reminds me of Johnny Cash and June Carter. Love this song!
Costas Giotakis
Costas Giotakis 2 yil oldin
Country music will live forever!
Tajah Penn
Tajah Penn 2 yil oldin
Siiiiing boy...
Val Dougherty
Val Dougherty 2 yil oldin
Kevin Welch is a true Country artist. I used to sing his songs to my kids as lullabies.
Theresa Toomer
Theresa Toomer 2 yil oldin
These lyrics are the truth. Chris sings from experience. I remember riding in a beat up car with the windows down with my parents. They were married fifty three years. They didn't have a lot of money but they had and loved each other.
Ryan Dixon
Ryan Dixon 2 yil oldin
Country is resurrected thank you 🙏🏻☺️
Sharon Rorie
Sharon Rorie 2 yil oldin
Love this song ❤️
Pamela Knowles
Pamela Knowles 2 yil oldin
Pure sold Gold Chris Stapleton
Jennifer Dijames
Jennifer Dijames 2 yil oldin
Well Chris , if you are a millionaire.Where is our money?
Cory Schritter
Cory Schritter 2 yil oldin
He was singing to his wife not the crowd. Amazing
Selma Nunes
Selma Nunes 2 yil oldin
darren champion
darren champion 2 yil oldin
3 x Top Class Album releases so far. Every one with simple beautiful lyrics, vocals and production,. The quality of which most artists will never reach in a lifetime of recording. I’m a big fan of Country but more so of top class music in any genre. Let me say this, finding Chris Stapletons music a few years ago surely did make me... a “MILLIONAIRE” ❤️
Judy L
Judy L 2 yil oldin
ok, hope this isn't a dumb question, but who's the dude playing that beautiful riff on rhythm? looks like Chris' brother :)
Sherry Booth
Sherry Booth 2 yil oldin
Kenny Money
Kenny Money 2 yil oldin
This song makes you realize how rich we all are.
Timothy Gilles
Timothy Gilles 2 yil oldin
Jimmy sucks Chris is awsome.
Jenna Everitt
Jenna Everitt 2 yil oldin
I love this song❤
Woven 2 yil oldin
please do a song with rag n bone man
Anísio Soul
Anísio Soul 2 yil oldin
musica boa curtindo aqui do Brasil .
John Lloyd Claro
John Lloyd Claro 2 yil oldin
Man I just love chris. He's so humble on and off the stage.
Weese Bowski
Weese Bowski 2 yil oldin
I gave up on country until I heard this!
Black Wolf
Black Wolf 2 yil oldin
My Moon Panther is the reason I am here and I am a Millionaire because of her LOVE !!! I LOVE YOU my Beautiful Sweet Soft Sexy Hungarian Gypsy Indian Princess !!!👍🏽👍🏽💝💘💗💞❤💓💕💖💘💘💘💘💝
Lucy Logan
Lucy Logan 2 yil oldin
Perfect lyrics, perfect vocals, he’s just perfect ♥️
Jimmy Hackett
Jimmy Hackett 2 yil oldin
very true wished i had my girl
Drones - over - Oklahoma
Make no Mistake about it Morgane can sing as well.
Michael Vu
Michael Vu 2 yil oldin
Absolutely love this.. huge fan!
Sue Milner
Sue Milner 2 yil oldin
Amazing Love this song Sue Milner Ottawa Canada
Ryan Cook
Ryan Cook 2 yil oldin
What’s auto tune again?
Logan Carrington
Logan Carrington 2 yil oldin
The most talented male singer probably ever, his album sounds the exact same as live!
Chad Onan
Chad Onan 2 yil oldin
Great music, looks older than my dead grandpa! Duck dynasty wanna be, but his music is good.
Vinicius 2 yil oldin
Amazing! Just like in the studio version!
AAMTV AAMTVUK 2 yil oldin
Listen to this remix of millionaire uzblock.info/post/video/3dSBhpd-maiarqQ.html
Ryan Dixon
Ryan Dixon 2 yil oldin
Can not fathom how good it feels to see him get the recognition he deserves.
Ryan Dixon
Ryan Dixon 2 yil oldin
The way he looks at her. How hard they worked for this!
Wesley Smith
Wesley Smith 2 yil oldin
Every good as Chris LeDoux
da11671 2 yil oldin
Chris Ledoux would proud
Sheila Barron
Sheila Barron 2 yil oldin
Thank you Chris Thank you Morgane Y'all are Great ✌️♥️
Jacob Graves
Jacob Graves 2 yil oldin
this guy is a golden legend
RustyBlade 2 yil oldin
This day and age's Johnny Cash. A truly bright light in an otherwise dark and shitty music world filled with garbage. Thank you Chris, for making me pick up my guitar and resume music again. Thank you for bringing music back into my life.
Cyntbis Wilson
Cyntbis Wilson 2 yil oldin
I love his voice I relate this song to my song who has ceberal palsy cause love is more precious than gold
Chad Onan
Chad Onan 2 yil oldin
Mountain Man can sing !
Aristilus 2 yil oldin
That man brings a smile to my face every time I hear him. Hope he comes to Scotland.
Luis Cruz
Luis Cruz 2 yil oldin
que les vaya bien a todos.
Music Lover
Music Lover 2 yil oldin
What if you aren't a millionaire Chris Stapleton, could you still say this??!! Right!!
Ali Morales
Ali Morales 2 yil oldin
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