Chris Stapleton, Miranda Lambert - Maggie's Song (ACM Awards 2021) ft. Miranda Lambert 

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Chris Stapleton performs, “Maggie's Song” with Miranda Lambert live from the 56th Academy of Country Music Awards.

Listen to Chris Stapleton’s album, 'Starting Over' out now - strm.to/CSStartingOverAlbum

To support or adopt a shelter pet, visit Miranda Lambert’s foundation MuttNation.com

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18-Apr, 2021



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Larry McClendon
Larry McClendon 7 soat oldin
I wish I could like this twice, once for myself and once for Cosmo, my old friend. He loved songs about dogs, chasing squirels and having the heart of a rebel child. Lord, I miss my friend.
Apple Music Channel
Apple Music Channel 9 soat oldin
Chris stapleton ,best country artist of this generation. .💝💝💝
Billy Smith
Billy Smith 22 soat oldin
C KL Kun oldin
Great choice to have Miranda fill in considering the work she does with strays.
Ketty Martire
Ketty Martire Kun oldin
Che arrangiamento😱😱😱 per la mia canzone preferita ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Chad Morgan
Chad Morgan 2 kun oldin
This gives me The Band vibes.
Mark Minton
Mark Minton 2 kun oldin
Miranda, is still so Beautiful..
Lisa Lisa
Lisa Lisa 2 kun oldin
Damn my dog is Maggie. She’s old and we all love her and she loves us back .❤️❤️❤️
Darlene Geidner
Darlene Geidner 3 kun oldin
I love this.. brings tears every time. I can relate…so many precious souls I have loved.
Trampas White
Trampas White 3 kun oldin
One of my favorite new songs.
Erin Somers
Erin Somers 5 kun oldin
I have had 3 "Maggie's" in my life. I miss all 3 dearly. The one that this song reminds me of the dog we lost a few years ago named Mocha. She was a chocolate lab and my best friend. I miss her so very much. Hope to find another "Maggie" soon.
juliorock11 6 kun oldin
Amazing amazing amazing amazing amazing amazing amazing!!!!!! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 🇺🇲👱‍♀️❤👦🏻🌟🌞🌟🌞
francie belcher
francie belcher 8 kun oldin
Jeremy Steward
Jeremy Steward 9 kun oldin
I pulled into Nazareth, was feelin bout half past dead..
Paul Gaudin
Paul Gaudin 9 kun oldin
Sounds like a takeoff from The Band, Take a Load Off
Mark Minton
Mark Minton 10 kun oldin
I would Love to see him LIVE..
SlabBeats 10 kun oldin
I was on my way to the vet today where I had to put my twelve year old dog down and this song came over the radio. I’ll miss you buddy.
Paul T
Paul T 11 kun oldin
This is one of my new favorite songs. I haven’t had a dog for 48 years, but I do love dogs. The version in this other concert video is very annoying in terms of people talking during the song, but it is nice to hear the crowd reaction when he sings the lyric about a dog having a soul: uzblock.info/post/video/qMqZrXZwqY1_pZI.html . It is also moving to hear Chris get choked-up at one point; he was thinking of Maggie.
Dennis Spencer
Dennis Spencer 11 kun oldin
12 reAss 11
Bonnie McManus
Bonnie McManus 12 kun oldin
Sweet, sweet song! My “Maggie” was a Yorkie , Dixie. Tears are flowing!
MrHmg55 13 kun oldin
Anyone else notice the similarity in structure between this song and The Band's "The Weight"?
MrHmg55 12 kun oldin
@Linda Pietrasz Guess I didn't scroll down far enough or view enough replies. Oops.
Linda Pietrasz
Linda Pietrasz 12 kun oldin
Quite a few of us actually, judging by the comments.
Alec Comments the Internet
just hearing this song now but are people really gonna pretend like this isn't photocopy level plagiarism of the song "the weight" by the band...
Linda Pietrasz
Linda Pietrasz 12 kun oldin
Quite a few of us have basically had the same comment.
Marion Blair
Marion Blair 13 kun oldin
Sounds just like The Weight by The Band? What do you think? uzblock.info/post/video/rKenmWGCXaChfH4.html
Linda Pietrasz
Linda Pietrasz 12 kun oldin
LMAO 3 comments in a row saying the same thing, not to mention older comments throughout this section saying the same.
SAL 14 kun oldin
This song. 😭 I miss my dog still after 3 years gone. Crazy girl. 💖
Lagerstroemia indica
Beautiful and rare combination with Miranda and Chris. If these two put an album together, I would pay $1K for it.
Tamara Quintero
Tamara Quintero 15 kun oldin
Beautiful song kinda reminds me of my Pitbull everyone is scared of a gentle giant that loves kids, puppies, people, playing & sleeping beside of me. Is something weird to happen to him I don't think I would know what I would do with my life. He is my ESA dog.
Linda Pietrasz
Linda Pietrasz 10 kun oldin
@Tamara Quintero If that is your real phone number, you just made a big mistake. That's a scam acct.
Tamara Quintero
Tamara Quintero 13 kun oldin
Chris you had ask for my phone# so here goes 352-557-1072. Like your song says "I know you're a busy man" so hopefully I will talk to you someday.
Jason Huffman
Jason Huffman 15 kun oldin
I lost my "Maggie" yesterday. She got loose and got hit by a car. I can't stop crying. This is helping as comfort. Run, Lucy, run with the heart of a rebel child. God, I miss you so much.
Shane Pretty
Shane Pretty 7 kun oldin
you got this! keep your head up!
Ben Dundee
Ben Dundee 15 kun oldin
It's a country song about a dog You've been warned.
Tiffany Karussos
Tiffany Karussos 16 kun oldin
Lost my Akita she had soul of many, touched 100s just looking at her made people smile. I truly miss her been 3 year's now 😢
Tiffany Karussos
Tiffany Karussos 16 kun oldin
When I'm working, I'm listening to every lyric. Truth means so much more. Video makes it real.
Ryan Simpson
Ryan Simpson 17 kun oldin
I can't listen to this song without crying.
Nate Conklin
Nate Conklin 18 kun oldin
Thank you Chris for this song. My dog passed away this morning, this song is beautiful and is helping me remember the goods times that I had with her. God bless
peoplevsradio317 20 kun oldin
This is what's wrong with the way things are in 2021 because there's no diversity in performances he recorded a number of performances in the same day in the same place and then just peace them out to the Country Music Awards and Jimmy Fallon and other late night shows every single one of his most recent performances he's wearing the same shirt the same hat in the same exact location there's no uniqueness to it... I cannot wait until we get back to normal where they are performing live in person in front of people so each performance has a unique feel and look
Xxcloudy_2010xX 20 kun oldin
My dogs name is maggy and she is a apricot cockapoo and she was on a Amish farm when we got her and loved to play and chase squirrels and snow and she ran very fast and she was alive for 17 years and Sadler passed away but the next day I saw this song and it reminded me of her :)
Landon Thompson
Landon Thompson 21 kun oldin
This one of the best songs and i hate that filling when u loss sum that u love
Chris Stapleton
Chris Stapleton 21 kun oldin
Thanks for your comment and supports, your comments and constant support has brought me this far. Keep Supporting ❤️❤️ Please send me a mail via chrisstapleton0101@gmail.com
Bryon A
Bryon A 21 kun oldin
I heard this song on the radio today and damn. I never cry, but this got me. Hits a little too close to home I guess
grace1414 22 kun oldin
This song makes me bawl! Not a lot of songs do that...but i can’t imagine losing my Bella 💖
David Adams
David Adams 22 kun oldin
Makes me like a baby every time. This song reminds of my dearest Sadie. Best damn companion and cow dog one could have. Pulled me thru some tough times she did as a youngster. Now I'm older and have livestock guardian dogs for our sheep and every time it comes time to say goodbye to em after their years of service to my family, and flock I put their heads in my lap or lay there looking at em thanking them, petting them till they drift off to cross the rainbow Bridge. Ugh so many memories. Great song.
J B 23 kun oldin
That song fucking kills me. It's beautiful Miranda sings like an angel But I cry everytime
Sagradito H
Sagradito H 23 kun oldin
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Cecelia Alia
Cecelia Alia 23 kun oldin
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Eli haralson
Eli haralson 23 kun oldin
1:45-2:15 I get chills every time I hear that part:(
Jerry Boucher
Jerry Boucher 23 kun oldin
I was driving through Nashville years ago and Chris came on the radio with the Steeldrivers and I told my wife - you just listened to the birth of a country superstar.
Jackie Watson
Jackie Watson 23 kun oldin
This song is awesome and sad because my dog Charlie died and it was just a sad day
Chris Stapleton
Chris Stapleton 5 kun oldin
Thanks for your comment and supports, your comments and constant support has brought me this far. Keep Supporting ❤️ Please send me a mail via chrisstapleton0101@gmail.com
I just heard this song on the radio today. I almost pulled over to cry. This is Country Music.
Macy The Equestrian
Macy The Equestrian 24 kun oldin
My dog was found in a shopping cart an a parking lot and he’s a lil black and white pup
Macy The Equestrian
Macy The Equestrian 19 kun oldin
@Chris Stapleton Bahaha this is fake lmao
Westen Inc.
Westen Inc. 24 kun oldin
I’m not crying.. YOUR crying...
Sharon Song
Sharon Song 25 kun oldin
Sad but beautiful. Maggie is free to go where ever she wants to now at her own pace. I send much love to you Maggie. Enjoy your journey little one
David Rogers
David Rogers 26 kun oldin
Gonna go home to my baby boy Leo and Love on him and enjoy moment he is in my life I am so grateful for him yorkies for sure
Live Wire
Live Wire 26 kun oldin
Careful Chris, she's a homewrecker
Kanika Coleman
Kanika Coleman 28 kun oldin
Maggie's Song hits home for myself and husband. My husband rescued Tyra B from a 1989 Escort, covered in fleas and ticks. Fast Forward 12 years. May 2020, she started to get ill,and had a growth on her hind leg. The vet told us it was cancerous and to let her go. One year ago today, we ended her suffering 💔. She was the absolute best lab we could have been blessed with. When I say this song touches my soul to the core. I cry every time I hear it. There's something about an old dog. Run Tyra B !!!
gunnnzz 28 kun oldin
Stapleton shoulda stayed out of politics
Mary Lamb
Mary Lamb 28 kun oldin
Just my personal belief, They are Angels in.......dressed in fur! The hardest is to love and forgive we humans! Especially me with all my flaws! Thank God for God! And knowing us all intimately. I again, say thanks for your critters/ Angels in fur! Yup! And Amen! 🙀😘🙈🤔😘
halfway through and to the end... 😢😭😭
Kevin Steakley
Kevin Steakley 29 kun oldin
Michael kmetz
Michael kmetz 29 kun oldin
Miss my best friend RIP Spls
April Longerbeam
April Longerbeam 29 kun oldin
Absolutely beautiful. I cried when I first heard this!!
DanielDaniel1 29 kun oldin
I've never heard a song about a dog, and I've never actually shed a tear to a song until this
Tj Caldwell
Tj Caldwell 29 kun oldin
Great song
Mary Lamb
Mary Lamb 29 kun oldin
Thank you again, Chris/Wife/ Team/ band for sharing your God inspirational gifts of music and song! 😎⭐️✝️🐴 Y’all keep us positive and looking forward to good things to come! 👌😎⭐️💕✝️🙏🏼😅
Mary Lamb
Mary Lamb 26 kun oldin
Don’t think this is the Real Chris! But thank you for your service! 😅👌🤔👍🏻😎. Boom ! 😎
Mary Lamb
Mary Lamb 29 kun oldin
Agree to agree! That animals have souls! That’s why God asked Noah to build the Ark! Every sparrow, that has hit the ground, he cared and new about , And he made us in his own image. I’m still asking God to help me to love ,,,,',,, humans! To Love one another! The greatest commandment! John:13:34 I am willing! But need your sense of Holy humor,,to get there, oh Holy God!
Waylin Dasilva
Waylin Dasilva 29 kun oldin
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curtis b
curtis b Oy oldin
Nice face mask! lol
Andrew Eddy
Andrew Eddy Oy oldin
She gonna ruin that marriage now?
Mary Lou Flores
Thank you Miranda and Chris for Carrying for all Animals. Love All Animals. God Bless You and family.💐🎸💕
Burlington Bill
What happened to Fanny! Just kidding. Good stuff.
Linda Pietrasz
Linda Pietrasz 10 kun oldin
@Burlington Bill No problem. I reported the acct. They left comments on just about everyone else's comment as they did on yours. Take care.
Burlington Bill
Burlington Bill 10 kun oldin
@Linda Pietrasz Thanks Linda, I was thinking that also!
Linda Pietrasz
Linda Pietrasz 10 kun oldin
@Burlington Bill That was a fake acct. A scam acct.
Burlington Bill
Burlington Bill 21 kun oldin
@Chris Stapleton Sorry Chris but I don't even own a phone! I'm retired. Love your work though, I cover a few of your songs on Burlington Bill you tube as well as some originals. Rock on buddy.
bigal25938 Oy oldin
You would think Miranda could afford britches with no holes in them.
anthony jones
anthony jones Oy oldin
My dog Stryder died about 2 weeks after this song came out he had a seizure increasing to every 2 hours through Sunday night by the morning he could hardly lift his head and it was literally raining on a Monday as we took him to the get to be put down and he had his head in my hand as I told him goodbye... I felt like this song was a sign for while.. I still cry every time I hear it...
maredox Oy oldin
I'm intensively listening to the Chris's album "Starting over" for last two weeks after he captured my heart with "Tennessee whiskey" and oh boy what an album it is! It's pretty rare for me to like the whole album of one artist but this one is really something! Almost every time I'm pouring my eyes out on "Maggie's song", getting in love with "Joy of my life", feeling wild "Devil always makes me think twice", feeling broken with "Cold", and born again with "Starting over"....and I'm just a regular guy from Croatia, wasn't even a very big country fan, more like "The Eagles" kind of country music fan...Chris, if you're reading this, you're a special guy, touching souls in so many ways, stay that way, your music is divine, thank you for every note you give! Love you buddy
Chuck D
Chuck D Oy oldin
Anyone who gives a thumbs down needs to GTFOH.
Alex Gurule
Alex Gurule Oy oldin
Can you up the volume please? Cmon Mr engineer
Mary Lamb
Mary Lamb Oy oldin
My foster pup. No body wanted. But what I needed the most going through the hardest of unexpected times! Angel in fur! Thank you, dear Harley, good Dog! Enjoy the Arms of Jesus! Salute!!!
Wes Herman
Wes Herman Oy oldin
Aimee Bullett
Aimee Bullett Oy oldin
I feel so sad for him😥😥😥😥😥😥🐕
Chris Stapleton
Chris Stapleton 5 kun oldin
Thanks for your comment and supports, your comments and constant support has brought me this far. Keep Supporting ❤️ Please send me a mail via chrisstapleton0101@gmail.com
Oh Jay
Oh Jay Oy oldin
My favorite Music is Rap Music but Country Songs just hit different! 🔥
Don Wongjohnson
Sounds exactly like my Maggie
I have a small dick
I still have never heard all of this song because I know I'll cry if I do
Patricia Seana
chris has such and amazing voice thankyou
Chris Erb
Chris Erb Oy oldin
Jesus fuck man. yeah.
B Vip
B Vip Oy oldin
Who else was wishing Miranda sang a verse
korkk doe
korkk doe Oy oldin
Talent is talent I guess. Miranda does hell of a good Morgane!
Morgan Beasley
Just enough of "the weight" to make a perfect dog song.
Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf Oy oldin
I've listened to this song probably a hundred times, I cry ever time. I miss all my precious dogs who have passed so much. The unconditional love and friendship of a dog is a gift from God.
B L Oy oldin
As a retired Soldier with multiple combat deployments, this song just reminds me of the dogs our family has made best friends with. While I was gone on deployments, our dogs helped watch over our kids. Truly, Man's best friends. Maggie, you are an American hero! Hooah in Dog Heaven...well earned, free dog bones forever!
Carrie Hartman
Carrie Hartman 5 kun oldin
Thank you for your service. God bless you!
amy sag
amy sag Oy oldin
Thank you for your service
Jrader84 Oy oldin
It really is amazing what they do for us, unconditionally!
Marcee G.
Marcee G. Oy oldin
Damn.. I luv this song. Thee Best song ever. Reminds me of my Beautiful dog Tank. She passed 3 years ago and I still miss her soo much. She was the most Beautiful Blue pit. Gray blue and white, my beautiful Tank. My best friend forever.
Outdoorslife Survivcraft
Dreading the day. My girls (sisters) are 13 this year and next to my wife, they are my best friends.
the chicantique
Oh this song reminds me of our Nellie...we got her from the animal shelter and she lived another 15 years. Run Nellie run, 😥😥❤❤❤! I'll see you on the other side.
jeff kilfoyle
jeff kilfoyle Oy oldin
Dogs make us better people
Charles Saxton
Chris Stapleton's voice is amazing!
Thomas Vandzura
two great voices, wish she had a bigger part in the song besides the background chorus voice
Kadilyn B
Kadilyn B Oy oldin
Chris Stapleton
Chris Stapleton 5 kun oldin
Thanks for your comment and supports, your comments and constant support has brought me this far. Keep Supporting ❤️ Please send me a mail via chrisstapleton0101@gmail.com
MrStonyRidge Oy oldin
This song sounds a lot like the weight from the band
Ruth Noël Marie
Tess Tweed
Tess Tweed Oy oldin
My dog Ollie Has cancer and he isn't doing good hes 11 years old Ollie is my protector and he keeps me safe like once I was on a boat and he broke my porch leg off the porch cause he was tied to it and he jumped in the water with a concerted porch leg dragging behind him and he kept swimming until he got to me and he grabbed the rope and pulled the boat to land and jumped in the boat and made sure I was ok Edit: Ima miss him when he's gone 😭
Linda Pietrasz
Linda Pietrasz 10 kun oldin
@Tess Tweed just report the acct. It's a scam. They are posting the same comment on everybody else's comment too
Tess Tweed
Tess Tweed 19 kun oldin
@Chris Stapleton Uhhhhhh No I don't trust You at all....
Susan Duran
Susan Duran Oy oldin
As my son used to say I'm not Crying have water in my eyes We had dog charo Grew up with kids Black shepard mix Also her legs went out Loved that dog
Carson Skipper
feel bad for the the band wearing masks
Craig Miller
Craig Miller Oy oldin
Just had to put our black dog Maggie down on Friday and this is so spooky of a song to listen to as we found her in a garbage bag and she loves squirrels in the snow at 16 years later we miss her dearly.
billy marshall
Chris Stapleton and Miranda Lambert is one of the best country music singers I've ever heard in this great state
What a sweet tribute ❤ I miss my Fila girl 💜
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