Chris Stapleton - Tryin' To Untangle My Mind (Austin City Limits Performance) 

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15-Fev, 2018



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Ketty Martire
Ketty Martire Kun oldin
Che ci posso fare..... Amo tutta la buona musicaaaaa e questa lo è 🤗🤗🤗🤗
Ketty Martire
Ketty Martire Kun oldin
Lisa Saladino
Lisa Saladino 9 kun oldin
Lori Treadwell
Lori Treadwell 2 oy oldin
Terry Mott
Terry Mott 3 oy oldin
2021 marked this occasion "So far down the devil's lookin' high" DAMN!
Garrett Hendricks
Anyone have any guesses as to what guitar pedals he’s using?
Kims Marshall
Kims Marshall 7 oy oldin
Just trying to untangle my mind 😢😢😢
Chris Stapleton
Chris Stapleton 3 oy oldin
Hey Kims, you’re a fan of my music , if you really wanna talk about anything , leave me a mail at Chrisstapletonsings@gmail.com stating your favorite song of my discography.
Willie Shelby
Willie Shelby 9 oy oldin
My night music with Chris
Judy Grosshans
Judy Grosshans 9 oy oldin
Love this- Can So relate. :)
Chris Stapleton
Chris Stapleton 5 oy oldin
Thanks for your sincere compliment and love towards my music, Covid19 has shaped us all, we have you to be most thankful for🌹💕🙏
Todd S
Todd S 9 oy oldin
Geraldine McLaughlin
I did untingle my mind with a glass of sweet strawberry wine brilliant song and his voice is so amazing love you Chris 💓🍀
Kimberly Williams
Perfect song!! I’m doing that right now untangle my mind but I’m real close on turning to whiskey ❤️
Tiny Dancer
Tiny Dancer Yil oldin
Doesn’t get better than this 😎🍁
Dario Mannu
Dario Mannu Yil oldin
Chris... you are AWESOME! Country meets Blues, Rock and Soul... I love it!
Douglas McConnell
Personal opinion there's. Chris Stapelton & then there's everybody else. ( Future Download here for sure)...
Judy L
Judy L 2 yil oldin
this song blows me away, in the best way possible, every time I listen!
nikki w
nikki w 2 yil oldin
This is late.....but congratulations to you and your beautiful wife on the two new babies! Congrats!!
Monroe Potter
Monroe Potter 2 yil oldin
A humble human being and a hell of an artist only the best vocals I've ever heard and probably ever will hear
Alice Parrish Irvin
Tammie Thompson
Tammie Thompson 2 yil oldin
I love your writing. Your voice kicks ass!
Afaly Hernandezj
Afaly Hernandezj 2 yil oldin
Good job
Afaly Hernandezj
Afaly Hernandezj 2 yil oldin
Seeo now . dam make an appointment
bernard_hossmoto 2 yil oldin
Who thumbs down this? Fat mousefinger or what?!
James W
James W 2 yil oldin
If Waylon and Travis Tritt had a son....he'd sound good but not as good as this cat!
D'yer Maker
D'yer Maker 2 yil oldin
A tele was made for his voice.
Santiago Martinez
Santiago Martinez 2 yil oldin
amen to this song..."so if you see me, And I'm lonesome and stoned, so far down the devils looking high!.
Chapmans Creek Revival
Single handedly saved country music from the pits of hell. God bless Chris Stapleton!
Alfred Williams
Alfred Williams 7 oy oldin
Agreed he’s definitely one of the greats in my book
Nolan Pierce
Nolan Pierce 7 oy oldin
Country music isn't what we country rebels are listening to.Radio is slaughtering the whole world!
Gary Teague
Gary Teague 9 oy oldin
@Frank Boyles l
Alicia Noemi
Alicia Noemi 11 oy oldin
that's right.
Frank Boyles
Frank Boyles Yil oldin
Like to see him play with zztop
Stephan Mertens
Stephan Mertens 2 yil oldin
Frankly the only country musician I listen to. Simply outstanding music and from what I can see a pretty genuine human. Cudos!
kylivia 122
kylivia 122 2 yil oldin
My uncle is passing away soon this one is for him love ya unk
Diana Leyva
Diana Leyva 2 yil oldin
Well when you are holding a lady and listening to Chris Stapleton that’s how it’s better
Madison Ottinger
Madison Ottinger 2 yil oldin
Nice is there more songs?
karen sparkman
karen sparkman 2 yil oldin
Bad Ass!!!
Chris Stapleton
Chris Stapleton 20 kun oldin
Thanks for your comment and supports, your comments and constant support has brought me this far. Keep Supporting ❤️💓 Please send me a mail via chrisstapleton0101@gmail.com
moodie_ south
moodie_ south 2 yil oldin
I do what I do and I don't know why, but I'll do what I do till the day I die✊
H. Ashley
H. Ashley 2 yil oldin
His wife plays a mean tambourine.
Gail Henshall
Gail Henshall 2 yil oldin
Watching from UK! This guy is awesome!! Tennessee whisky.... gives me chills....
Sing Your Style Studio
Please UZblock ... get a clue, and NEVER pop up suggesting other artists while one is listening to Chris Stapleton.... as if anyone will compare. UZblock that’s embarrassing... your making yourself look bad!!!
Sing Your Style Studio
Hearing this voice has me Smiling so big right now:)
Afaly Hernandezj
Afaly Hernandezj 2 yil oldin
Theresa Heyer
Theresa Heyer 3 yil oldin
OMG he can do NO wrong!!!!!awesome man!
MFOFDAYEAR 3 yil oldin
Fuck yeah bringing back
Chris brown
Chris brown 3 yil oldin
He makes me think he might of walked in my shoes a few times.
Sheila Barron
Sheila Barron 3 yil oldin
I will be trying to Untangle my mind until the day I die Thank you Chris
M R 3 yil oldin
One of the best country artists ever!
Trish Wyckoff
Trish Wyckoff 3 yil oldin
This man is pure talent!! He and Justin TimberLake are awesome together. But Chris has got the goods. Perfection my eyes. He can make me cry, and smile. Some songs he sings are my life!@ thanks Chris.
steven van trans
steven van trans 3 yil oldin
Man all these Austin city limit videos he is the only guitarist and he fills up the void of not having a second guitar so well, his tone is amazing as usual with fender guitars and classic amps, even plays a bit of lead guitar....such smooth and solid musicians creating such a solid sound....so inspiring to me...
Under Dog
Under Dog 3 yil oldin
His vocals almost remind me a little bit of Chris Cornell’s. (RIP Chris Cornell) I don’t even like country but, I like this guys voice and his music. It seems so authentic and original, like he isn’t trying to sound like every other country musician on the radio. He is making real music from his heart and soul.
scorpionjewel77 3 yil oldin
My favorite artist of all time!
Nava 3 yil oldin
His guitar sounds like his voice
c. roark pelkey
c. roark pelkey 3 yil oldin
c'mon CLIFF
thumbthump 3 yil oldin
Can't enough be said about how good Chris is. As a bass player myself....shout out to JT. Nice groove.
Apuii Ralte
Apuii Ralte 3 yil oldin
Jeffrey Wood
Jeffrey Wood 3 yil oldin
Hell yeah
Sarah Carolina Schen Lima
Dj.Knowzbest 5150
Dj.Knowzbest 5150 3 yil oldin
Fucking boss moves in that six string. Goddamn Chris Stapleton wish u could have been reasonable on your ticket priced like you have always been on your albums. I bought all of them n really was wanting to go see your show but got to be able to buy diapers too. #SADTIMES
Christopher Prichard
expensive tickets in Ridgefield
A L 3 yil oldin
He is just of my favorites! He has so much soul!
ozella conn
ozella conn 3 yil oldin
He is Awsome . Good ole eastern ky boy from paintsville ky.
Mike Norton
Mike Norton 3 yil oldin
It dont get any better than chris stapleton
Kathy Daniels
Kathy Daniels 3 yil oldin
I’d love to be able to see you in concert. Awesome!
Tol Coffee
Tol Coffee 3 yil oldin
Teli 3 yil oldin
Beautiful love his voice
Nina Hall
Nina Hall 3 yil oldin
Absolute awesome voice .KEEP IT COMING
Isaiah Branam
Isaiah Branam 3 yil oldin
Is that a new song
sneerious grinch
sneerious grinch 3 yil oldin
is that a tele
david spicer
david spicer 3 yil oldin
Stripped down and raw, three instruments and a backing singer, and sounds awesome! now that's talent.
Chris Stapleton
Chris Stapleton 11 kun oldin
Thanks for watching and commenting on my UZblock channel..... . kindly drop your email address below , would love to hear your suggestion about my upcoming album In October , Keep supporting good music 💫🌻......
Jeremy Lilly
Jeremy Lilly 2 yil oldin
His live version of What Are You Listening To sounds awesome too. And with only him and his guitar!
Patricia McKee
Patricia McKee 3 yil oldin
This song says everything...
MK2021 3 yil oldin
Class artist!
Clyde Carpenter
Clyde Carpenter 3 yil oldin
My dad had George Jones and Merle Haggard, I have Chris Stspleton!
Red Eagle
Red Eagle Yil oldin
Don't forget Jamey Johnson.
Grizzilyultra Yil oldin
I’ve had both!
Dan Dillinger
Dan Dillinger 2 yil oldin
Clyde Carpenter Chris is the most complete artist since Merle in my opinion. Singer songwriter and guitarist. A beast.
Robert Davis
Robert Davis 3 yil oldin
Tell it we all are lol
#1 poppop
#1 poppop 3 yil oldin
Looks like 35 people are dumbasses and don't know good music!!!
Gina Chaves
Gina Chaves 3 yil oldin
Country music has a way of relating to people and life. 💕💞👍🎶🎵🎼✝🎸🎤
Nando D Drums
Nando D Drums 3 yil oldin
I am your fan. From Brazil..
Candace Fontyn
Candace Fontyn 3 yil oldin
These lyrics tho! #truth Great job once again Chris!
tia panda
tia panda 3 yil oldin
he sounds a little bit like travis tritt
Dan Dillinger
Dan Dillinger 3 yil oldin
Wayyyy more power though.
tia panda
tia panda 3 yil oldin
zoey hamner yes ma'am
Joey Hamner
Joey Hamner 3 yil oldin
You know Travis Tritt had a lot of great music out there. But I honestly think Chris is on a different level. He's got songs (hits) I should say, that were from 1990 that are now being produced. They have a ton of songs that need to be put on albums. He honestly should of hit start status along time ago. By the time he's done he will be the goat.
tia panda
tia panda 3 yil oldin
Hello 👋😂
tia panda
tia panda 3 yil oldin
Tiff yes ma'am ❤ I grew up around music too
g4yrut 3 yil oldin
before 30,000
Hakeeem 3 yil oldin
Talent ❤
EAZTHARLEM 3 yil oldin
*KOOL !...*
Fially Pondaag
Fially Pondaag 3 yil oldin
always like before watch the video
Donna Dickerson
Donna Dickerson 3 yil oldin
This old country girl is really liking Chris Stapleton! I could listen to him all day long if it weren't for the other people in my office asking me to please turn him down we're really not supposed to be playing music at work but I sneak him in whenever I can.
Snuffy Grunt
Snuffy Grunt 3 yil oldin
Patrick Butler
Patrick Butler 3 yil oldin
good lord, that is fabulous
Brandon Dickson
Brandon Dickson 3 yil oldin
Seen the man live & lemme tell u no audio tune folks. He's the real deal
It b great if u did more with Sturgill Simpson.u both r great together. ☆☆☆☆☆♡♡♡♡♡.great music.
Tony Wilkins
Tony Wilkins 3 yil oldin
Tony Wilkins
Tony Wilkins 3 yil oldin
ANTHONY FIGUEROA sturgill sucks
Bryan Frederick
Bryan Frederick 3 yil oldin
18 people have tangled minds they s need Jeebus 😎
mstraface 3 yil oldin
Hot damn what a tune man wow....this is one of many reasons he's my favorite of all time
Tricia-Lynn Harter
Tricia-Lynn Harter 3 yil oldin
Love love love Chris' voice.
TheWayOf Cailinn
TheWayOf Cailinn 3 yil oldin
I love Chris so much I'm forever a stapler
Ernst Fischer
Ernst Fischer 3 yil oldin
Good music class song good voice
George Cameroon
George Cameroon 3 yil oldin
Sing it chris
The British Patriot
It's like listening to the studio recorded version, unbeleivable. Chris Stapleton will go down in history as one of the greatest country music artists ever! God Bless!
Chris Stapleton
Chris Stapleton 11 kun oldin
Thanks for watching and commenting on my UZblock channel..... . kindly drop your email address below , would love to hear your suggestion about my upcoming album In October , Keep supporting good music 💫🌻........
Stephen Emsley
Stephen Emsley 2 yil oldin
Seeing him live is way better then studio
braderrick 3 yil oldin
Carl Bailey you came to the wrong UZblock video to bash Stapleton friend lol
Carl Bailey
Carl Bailey 3 yil oldin
Sorry, many of his songs sound the same just different lyrics. Far from being the best ever.
braderrick 3 yil oldin
Brian Pilon indeed, I followed the steeldrivers for a long time until he left. I’m sure he can sing/write anything
Valerie Spilman
Valerie Spilman 3 yil oldin
Chris could sing the phone book and make it sound incredible! Love this awesome talent!♥️
Victor Jimenez Barajas
Great! Hugs,and happy Valentines,yesterday!
Bishop 3 yil oldin
My Lord and Saviour of Music in general. May God bless you, Chris and Morgane!
bryan macneil
bryan macneil 3 yil oldin
Chris is a great singer for sure, but that bass is kicking a ton of ass too!
Nick 3 yil oldin
Hard to find a song I don’t love. Keep goin man.
l3oozer 3 yil oldin
Chris Stapleton, is one of the most humble musicians I've ever heard speak. If I may, Mr. Chris Stapleton has the best vocals that has ever walked planet earth.
Chris Stapleton
Chris Stapleton 11 kun oldin
Thanks for watching and commenting on my UZblock channel..... . kindly drop your email address below , would love to hear your suggestion about my upcoming album In October , Keep supporting good music 💫🌻
Phillip Wallace
Phillip Wallace 2 yil oldin
Easy bosss
GooseTeamSix 3 yil oldin
Chris killin it again😍
Jamisa Sumrall
Jamisa Sumrall 3 yil oldin
Justin Kane Ansley
Justin Kane Ansley 3 yil oldin
My doppleganger!
Roberta Bolling Taylor
That Voice, is so awesome, it has so much soul, it amazes me, every time...Chris, Wow, you are one of a kind...Great job, 🔥✔💯all day long , everyday
steve Kirby
steve Kirby 3 yil oldin
Can't get enough of this guy's voice he has such a beautiful husky tone. Big big fan of Chris & his lovely wife all the way from Ireland 🤠
steve Kirby
steve Kirby 3 yil oldin
Hope he comes back soon 🤠
Kerry Evans
Kerry Evans 3 yil oldin
stresshead76 He played Dublin 10th March 2016 with Morgan at the country to country twas mighty there is video on u tube ....Gonna see Emmylou in march with little big town. ..
Blaze Pitman
Blaze Pitman 3 yil oldin
Thanks Chris, always good.
Denise Dillon
Denise Dillon 3 yil oldin
Always fantastic.
Dan Dillinger
Dan Dillinger 3 yil oldin
Denise Dillon no doubt
Wolf Pro1
Wolf Pro1 3 yil oldin
Nice! 👍
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